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Clara maría ochoa and ana barreto from cmo: our objectives are to produce great content, high quality productions and to improve every day.

At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, CMO was one of the first production companies in Latin America to implement cinematographic techniques for the production of television series. “They looked innovative, beautiful, with a very different look,” said Ochoa and added that the concern for quality continues regardless of the budget: “We only do quality, even with a little, with regular and with a lot. We have an excellent project entitled Manuela, a co-production with Secuoya that is big and ambitious from the production point of view, and fascinating from the way of telling the story, hopefully we will make it soon, it is my big dream”.

According to Ana Barreto, making high quality productions and improving every day is something intrinsic to CMO and, in turn, is a mirror of the Colombian audiovisual industry. “There is a permanent desire to make things better and better: that the productions look even more interesting, that the story is told better, that we have the best talent, that we use the best technology. It is a reflection of our culture, which, as we say, is ‘forward-looking’, hard-working, and likes to improve in general terms”.

Ochoa adds that another hallmark of CMO is that they always try to “tell stories that question, that question, with controversial topics, that reach a message to the viewer, that are not superfluous, but always managing to entertain and capture the audience”.

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